Discover and co-create a framework and guide for your personal leadership that is inspired by your soul’s journey and growth.

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s likely that you can relate to a number of these…

You feel drawn to learning to trust your inner wisdom and deepen that connection.

You feel a yearning to stop hiding parts of yourself that others think are not relevant or desired.

You are curious about incorporating your soul’s journey and growth in your role as a leader.

You feel called to live and lead in alignment with your values.

Your desire for expansion and to experience greater inner and outer freedom is on the rise.

You feel magically pulled towards freeing your soul without necessarily knowing what that means.

Below are 4 helpful doorways that support your onward journey to greater connection, expansion, leadership, and freedom.


Reacquainting yourself with your soul’s pulse strengthens your awareness. Adding your soul’s learnings will further your development significantly. Your ability to listen and to be present, is strengthened.


Your lifestyle is your compass. Using your soul’s journey to identify your values, your truth, will raise your vibration and infuse your life and work with, what I call, soul power. You have access to a new sense of fulfilment in your life.


Infusing your leadership with your soul’s journey and evolution will provide you with a strong and unified statement grounded in generosity and sharing, making it easier for you to show up fully.


Your soul’s journey helps you understand what freedom looks like, what it means to you. Freedom gives you access to a different kind of flow, from here, you can connect with your future and your potential.

Are you a driven, values-led introvert in business who feels called to explore your leadership legacy and footprint? Get in touch for a free 45-minute call.

Corporate experience combined with spiritual development.

My expertise is in deep active listening, and living and leading with a deeper connection (resulting in a greater experience of inner and outer freedom). I started developing and practicing these techniques in 2005, after having followed the corporate track for 20+ years. Pretty quickly these practices became a new way of living.

I’ve spent the better part of the last 15 years incorporating my new way of living into all areas of my life. As a result, I’m experiencing a deeper confidence in who I am and a deep sense of freedom even though the world at times is asking me to be in a certain way, or live my life in a way that isn’t in alignment with who I truly am.

New Perspectives.

Empowered by your soul’s journey.

I guide and mentor focused and values-led individuals in business who feel incongruent and ‘un-whole’ as a result of believing that they can’t include their soul journey in the fabric of their work life.

​Together, we ground and simplify terms such as freedom, leadership, connection, expansion, and soul journey. From here, we co-create a framework that you can bring with you wherever you go.

The purpose of which is to inspire you to expand, to lean beyond your horizon. To encourage you to live your life consciously. To lead with awareness.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Corporate Experience 30+ Years
  • Self Development 20+ Years
  • Spiritual Development 15+ Years

What others are saying…

Maria is an extraordinary listener and her questions get right to the heart of an issue allowing you to tap into your soul, to identify how it wants to be expressed in your work and role as a leader. I would not have the clarity and rediscovered courage I now have without her help.

Nicola Deverson

Chartered Accountant, Envision Partnership Ltd.

“Maria has this magical ability to connect and really listen. She has a grounded, earthy energy that really helps me and my soul to feel at ease, to think clearly and to feel part of an exciting journey. Besides this she has this powerful way of mirroring and reframing what comes up in me, and there is a very energetic bond between us during our talks. I have laughed a lot, and I now feel lighter, happier, and above all, more connected to source. Maria has intuitive skills beyond the ordinary. Thank you for being my gate opener to freedom, power and creativity.

Anna Stensdotter

“I highly recommend Maria to draw out and reflect back your highest values. This values work has totally changed my life! Really empowered me to negotiate a relocation, to increase my prices to new clients by 25%, plus I’ve been clear cut with family about my new working day. There’s no going back and quite simply I now feel very alive!”

Frea O’Brien

Numerology Expert, The Prosperity Map

“Maria, your live videos really kept me going last year. I hung onto your words, strung thoughts of hope together from the dark place I was in and finally managed to answer “yes” to me! I am up and running again. Please don’t underestimate yourself, you are a shining star and a phenomenal lady!”

Triana Élan


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