Align your life and your business with what you stand for and who you truly are.



Guided by your core values and your belief in possibilities, you see potential for a better future.


Aware of a deeper way of knowing that guides you forward, you are curious about the non-linear.


Following tradition holds little appeal for you. You prefer to decide for yourself what seems right.

Are you a woman who has been ruled by logic and linear thinking most of your professional life? Have you been striving for perfection and success relying on your left brain?

As a result, you are excellent at what you do. BUT, you also have a spiritual side.

A side that has grown bigger and louder, reminding you that you carry incredible wisdom within. Wisdom that you have been hiding for a long time and that is now yearning to be used, to be seen, to surface.

If you see yourself in the above, I can help.


Knowing what I was missing when I started out many years ago, I make sure I provide a space where thoughts, ideas, and perspectives can be stretched, discussed, and explored.

A space for conversation and exploration that offer a path to courage, confidence, clarity, choice, and connection, as well as a grounded spiritual perspective for taking things to a new level.

Since 2005, I’ve developed non-linear techniques and practices that have deeply impacted the people I work with.

One of my gifts or talents, if you will, is that I can easily connect with what is present around and within you that you may not have words for yet. These can be thoughts, perspectives, feelings, and ideas that you are not aware of yet.

I do this by listening with my whole being. The process is deep, reflective, and energetically immersive. For lack of a better term, I call it deep, active listening.

Let me take you on a journey that reminds you of who you are and what’s possible.

The Spiral to Freedom™

Paraphrasing the well known Einstein quote: Doing what you have always done and expect a different result will never see you experience anything different. Never see you move beyond where you currently are.

Is your mind seeking structure and logic, but inside you feel drawn to stepping beyond it, to reach further?

Allowing yourself, or granting yourself permission, to explore what’s possible in a non-linear way helps you to grow and evolve beyond your current awareness, what you currently know.

In the image above, I have tried to illustrate how the non-linear shows up in the conversations I facilitate. I call my non-linear approach Spiral to Freedom™.

Spiral to Freedom™ contains 6 aspects; Explore, Discover, Clarify, Co-create, Reframe, and Integrate. These 6 aspects are steps along a journey, and they are the bridge to get you from where you are to who you want to be. Any of the 6 aspects can be used as an entry point for your exploration and best next step.

If you are unsure of where to start or what is the best next step for you, schedule a free Curiosity Call and let’s figure it out together.

The 6 aspects of Spiral to Freedom™


You pursue truth and meaning. Guided by your core values, you see potential for a more aligned future.


Authenticity is important to you. You thrive in a supportive environment where there is an exchange of ideas.


You are curious, you love to learn. You are aware of a deeper way of knowing that wants to guide you forward.


A firm believer that there is not just one way to do things, you take an interest in different perspectives.


You prefer to decide for yourself what seems right, but sometimes new ideas and perspectives need a second pair of eyes.


Open-minded, you continually seek a deeper understanding of life. You believe that each person must find their own path.

What others are saying.

Maria is an extraordinary listener and her questions get right to the heart of an issue allowing you to tap into your soul, to identify how it wants to be expressed in your work and role as a leader. I would not have the clarity and rediscovered courage I now have without her help.

Nicola Deverson

Chartered Accountant, Envision Partnership Ltd.

“I highly recommend Maria to draw out and reflect back your highest values. This values work has totally changed my life! Really empowered me to negotiate a relocation, to increase my prices to new clients by 25%, plus I’ve been clear cut with family about my new working day. There’s no going back and quite simply I now feel very alive!”

Frea O’Brien

Numerology Expert, The Prosperity Map

“Maria has this magical ability to connect and really listen. She has a grounded, earthy energy that really helps me and my soul to feel at ease, to think clearly and to feel part of an exciting journey. Besides this she has this powerful way of mirroring and reframing what comes up in me, and there is a very energetic bond between us during our talks. I have laughed a lot, and I now feel lighter, happier, and above all, more connected to source. Maria has intuitive skills beyond the ordinary. Thank you for being my gate opener to freedom, power and creativity.

Anna Stensdotter

“Maria, your live videos really kept me going last year. I hung onto your words, strung thoughts of hope together from the dark place I was in and finally managed to answer “yes” to me! I am up and running again. Please don’t underestimate yourself, you are a shining star and a phenomenal lady!”

Triana Élan


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Fika for Your Soul is about connecting with inspiration from everyday situations and conversations. It’s about discovery, reflection, leaning into, and stretching beyond…how we may see, understand, and express freedom, soul, inner wisdom, and leadership, all in the context of our daily lives.

‘Fika’ (pronounced ‘feeka’) is Swedish and means taking a [coffee/tea] break.