business and spirituality

in a grounded way

I’m all-in when it comes to increasing awareness and use of sacred practices in our everyday life.

My vision is to create a world in which we live and lead from deeper wisdom. Where nobody is afraid to use their sacred or philosophical practices in their personal and professional lives.

My wish for you is that you discover, embrace, and own your brilliance – your truth. That you embody what makes you smile. And that you find the courage and confidence to ‘up’ or ‘deepen’ your game, to use your innate wisdom and intuition consciously in all areas of your life.

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Having the opportunity to work with Maria is a gift. She gently encourages you to open up and take a look inside. To explore your deepest thoughts and the beliefs that shape you which you may not realise are there.

–Nicola Deverson, Envision Partnership Ltd.

Soul Leadership – How you want to live, lead, and feel in everything you do.

When we live and lead from our soul, our motivation is strengthened, our perspective is widened, our future is activated. ​We experience connection and open access to choice. We have clarity and we are empowered. Life becomes simple.

My wish for you is that you find your version of soul leadership – what deeply motivates you, how you want to live, lead, and feel, everyday. To experience a deeper connection in your work and life in general.

Below is a short introduction to the four pillars in Soul Leadership.

Your Inner Pulse

Tap your Inner Pulse, your motivation and focus, your state. This centre helps you prepare to shift from misalignment to alignment, to tap deeper answers within.

Your Soul Power

Your soul is your compass, path, and map.​ This is the centre for awakening, integrity, and embracing your radiance. Live in alignment with your desired outcome.

Your Freedom Zone

Tap your Inner Pulse, your motivation and focus, your state. This centre helps you prepare to shift from misalignment to alignment, to tap deeper answers within.

Your Soul Leadership

Living and leading from our soul is a game changer. This is the centre for actualisation, where things come together. When we’re showing up fully, we’re activating our future.
A variety of processes, tools, and techniques are included as needed. The majority of the work, however, is transformational and experiential in nature. Each client is different, hence, our work together is tailored to your needs.

If any one of the above four centres stand out more than the others, get in touch as each centre can be explored on its own.

Interested in learning more about living and leading from your soul and what that could look like for you?

What to do next:

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Hi, I’m Maria, a Swedish expat with a curious mind.

I’m deeply motivated by personal evolution and growth – my own as well as what’s possible for my clients.

My expertise is in deep reflective or active listening. I started developing and practicing these techniques in 2005, after having followed the corporate track for 20+ years. Pretty quickly these practices became a way of life and I’ve spent the better part of the last 15 years incorporating them in all areas of my life.

My journey has taken me places where I’ve been invited and challenged to explore and learn about freedom and wholeness, and my own spiral to freedom. How I can be strong and stand confidently in who I am even though the world is asking me to be in a certain way, or live my life in a way that isn’t in alignment with who I truly am.

What I do…

  • I mentor individuals in business who think/believe they have to leave their spiritual practices at home, to incorporate them in their professional life, so that they get the results they are looking for.
  • ​Our aim is to ground and simplify spirituality and deeper connection into a toolbox that you can bring with you wherever you go.We provide space, tools, support, and inspiration to expand your horizon, to live your life with awareness.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
I guide you to YOUR version of Freedom, Wholeness, and Soul Leadership.

​Not sure if I am what you’re looking for?

Maria, you create an open space of engaged listening with careful and well-judged questions and interventions that allows me to work through my process and come to some clear conclusions. Your energy is so clean and you are so grounded that I felt open and able to just talk without filtering or censoring myself. – SP
You bring core qualities and capacities into the space that support a co-creation of a rich feeling of nourishment, safety and adventure. For example, your deep focus on the person, your profound listening, your perceptive questioning and connecting the dots across conversations. You hold space and hold the person in a grounded, safe space that is light and expansive at the same time. You are comfortable with an organic flow which does not feel restrictive, but does feel focussed, so we traveled into depth. – Stella Humphries, Executive Coach and Learning Facilitator

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​Fika for Your Soul.

*Fika is Swedish, pronounced ‘feeka’, and means taking a break.