I’ve spent the last 10 odd years honing my intuition and ability to listen deeply. It’s always been important to me to ‘sit with’ a situation or opportunity to see if it ‘feels right’, before I make a decision.

In my earlier years I did this unconsciously, these days it’s a conscious practice and thanks to my practice of listening within, my decision making process has become a lot quicker.

The most recent podcast episode from The Flourishing Introvert Talks by Joanna Rawbone (Episode 22), is speaking to the decision making process for introverts:


I’m an ‘open introvert’ and I find her perspective and knowledge to be incredibly helpful as it helps me understand myself further. I love Joanna’s work and I’ll be sharing more of her episodes moving forward.

I’m conscious of the fact that I’m mentioned in this episode thanks to a conversation Joanna and I had, but I’m pushing my inner critic to the side as I feel grateful that I could be of help to my friend.

If you are an introvert, or you want to learn more about how introverts are wired and how we show up, do check out Joanna’s podcast, The Flourishing Introvert Talks, on Apple Podcasts. 

Oh, and last but not least, Joanna has a brilliant quiz that helps you find out what type of introvert you are. This is where I found out that I’m an ‘open introvert’. There are 6 different types, and you can be a blend. Isn’t this exciting!   https://yourintroverttype.co.uk/