Prior to knowing my values, I found myself living the antithesis to freedom: fear of being myself, fear of standing up for myself, and fear of believing in myself.

How well do you know your underlying values, i.e. what motivates you? Are you true to them? Is your everyday behaviour in alignment?

Having a list of values on the office wall isn’t always inspiring and can feel a bit ‘dry’.

What if I told you that there is a process that helps you with that?

Regardless if you are more motivated by your mind, heart, or gut, you can access your values in three ways making it easy to stay aligned.

The end result? You feel more clear, confident, and connected. Life and decision-making becomes simpler.

Would you like a list of values that are a true representation of what’s in your heart, in your soul?

Learn more about my 3-layer Soul’s Value formula here.