I recently watched a documentary about trees called Treeline. Early on in the film, one of the interviewees said, “Trees don’t go anywhere”.

They don’t.

They are resilient. They have to be.

They can’t run away from changing times. Instead they adapt.

They use their root system to communicate with their forest friends.

We can learn a great deal from trees.

Your values are like a root system through which you communicate with the world. Your everyday decisions signal to others how you are choosing to move through life.

When your decisions are in alignment with your values, you signal confidence, clarity, stability. When your decisions are not aligned, people will perceive that something is “off”.

Being true to your values is an essential key to being able to experience freedom. It affects your self-worth, self-expression, and self-fulfilment.

In my case, prior to having identified my values I found myself living my life based on the antithesis to freedom: fear of living, fear of being myself, fear of standing up for myself, and fear of believing in myself.

I used to hold myself back from being and doing what I wanted to be and do. I allowed others to lead me instead of being the leader in my own life. I would wait for someone else to make a decision and then make mine, instead of checking what’s important to me first. I would make myself small, and pretend that what really mattered to me wasn’t as important as what other people thought mattered.

Although I didn’t have the language to express this at the time, it was frustrating to feel like I was living my life on the back foot, always one step behind, and always at the mercy of the world around me.

The idea that I could identify what deeply motivated me – my values – and live by them, didn’t exist back then.

When I made the decision to put my values first, my life changed exponentially. I had a set of values that helped me to operate in a new way. Within a couple of weeks things started to shift. I saw clearly how situations or relationships weren’t in alignment with what was important to me. I felt a growing desire and call to make changes to how I was showing up.

My values contain parameters that help me to identify what in my daily experience is out of alignment, as well as who I need to be and how I can show up in support of my own values. I have a solid foundation in place that supports me in feeling clear, confident, and empowered. 

Your values are your inner compass, a source of inspiration and courage. Being true to them helps you with purpose and drive. And your values affect the impact your leadership has in your personal and professional life.

I have discovered that being true to your values produces the following benefits:

  • You are strong and resilient. Making decisions is easy. Not always comfortable, but easy.
  • You have clarity. You feel connected, empowered, and expansive.
  • You feel confident in who you are and you are more compassionate toward yourself and others.
  • You have more trust in yourself, in others, and in life.
  • You are more open to outcome and more open to receive.
  • You create coherence. Your choices and intentions reverberate among those around you.

Does it sound amazing? It is.

Being true to your values is a lifestyle and a choice.

Want to give it a try?

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Until next time!