You know how we sometimes say that by avoiding making a decision or making a choice, there is no decision or choice made… There’s no such thing. We’ve still made a choice. The choice of not making a decision.

The uncomfortable, yet very exciting truth is that this applies to commitment as well.

We are always committed to something. Whether that something is holding us back or moving us forward.

For many years I felt uncomfortable about making commitments. Committing to something would mean that I declared an intention and put my cards on my sleeve. I would no longer be invisible.

Another aspect of commitment that may be familiar, is feeling the burden of responsibility for delivering on the thing that you have committed to. It could even feel like that commitment is an obligation.

In the world of dictionaries, ‘commitment’ means being dedicated to a cause or activity, or being engaged in something or having an obligation that restricts freedom of action.

As I read the latter my gut took a leap, ‘an obligation that restricts freedom of action’.

I understand why my gut reacted as strongly as it did. This is how I used to think of commitment – as something that would potentially restrict my movements, my freedom.

I say used to, as nowadays I find that making a commitment provides me with strength. I no longer think of it as disempowering.

Commitment offers clarity and direction, and it provides an opportunity for practicing discernment.

It’s about taking ownership. Doing what I say I will do, and walk my talk. It’s about honouring something or someone (including myself).

Reflecting on this part for a bit, I discovered that my commitment to others is very strong. My commitment to myself is a somewhat different story. Especially if there are lots of other things demanding my attention.

This being said, I’m not a complete ‘self-commitment-phobe’.

I am committed to living a life that is filled with heart and meaning, a life filled with soulful living. I am committed to always follow my intuition in all my decision-making. And, I am committed to live and lead in alignment with my values.

As a result of these commitments, I have moved countries three times. There’s a deep sense of connection, wholeness, and expansion. And, I find myself living a life that I could not dream of when I started my professional career 30+ years ago. By sticking to these commitments I experience total freedom.

I’ll leave you with something to ponder.

If this post resonates with you, what commitments would enable you to experience more heart and meaning? A life that is more aligned with your values?

What could you commit to? If you were not held back by indecision or fear – what would you commit to, or say yes to, today?


PS! If something within is asking you to take action, to live and lead in alignment with what has heart and meaning for you, don’t neglect that nudge. Reach out for a chat.

Who is Maria?
Maria helps focused and driven individuals in business to find values-based clarity, connection, and confidence that frees them up to live their life in ways that has heart and meaning for them and helps them show up as the leader they want to be at work and in life.