Every so often I receive newsletters from ScandiKitchen in London. These newsletters are high-spirited, fun, and quirky, and they always share interesting facts, idioms, and phrases through which we learn more about “Scandis” and the Scandinavian ways.

In this week’s newsletter I was reminded of my Swedish linguistic heritage, and it fits perfectly with where I am currently:

“What’s hidden in snow, is revealed at thaw.” (Det som göms i snö, kommer fram vid tö.)

During my childhood, I understood the above phrase as a warning of sorts: Don’t hide things, sooner or later the truth will come out.

As a grownup I view this saying as a helpful reminder that piling on layers and layers of beliefs obscures what is real.

The latter view has been helpful over the last couple of weeks as I have been on a bit of a roller coaster. The nature of my work has been evolving, and how I spend my time has changed significantly. During this time, I have been exploring the question “What is my truth?” As of today I’m asking the question as:

What is my truth beneath the snow which is revealed at thaw?

I think of my truth as my deepest desire, or summed up in another way, as freedom. And in this instance, I’m not referring to material or financial freedom, but rather a freedom that comes from having meaning, connection, fulfilment, and joy in my life.

Every time I talk about freedom, I smile. I cannot not smile. I mentioned this in a recent interview with Shehnaaz Latif, who created My Wellness Zone. Shehnaaz had recently taken my free quiz about freedom and she wanted to learn more about it. So we met up virtually to have a chat about the quiz, freedom, and soul leadership.

If you are thinking about freedom, joy, connection, meaning, and fulfilment, this interview (13 minutes) may provide a bit of inspiration for you.

And, if trying the freedom quiz sounds like a fun thing to do, you can take the quiz here.

In closing, given that the exploration around truth and freedom offers great potential and reward, I invite you to reflect on the following question:

“What is your truth beneath the snow, which reveals itself at thaw?”

My answer? Staying connected to my deepest desire: to show up fully and to live and lead with soul.

What is yours?


Who is Maria?
Maria helps focused and driven individuals in business to find values-based clarity, connection, and confidence that frees them up to live their life in ways that has heart and meaning for them and helps them show up as the leader they want to be at work and in life.