I was introduced to a brilliant benefit of meeting via Zoom the other day.

Clare Chapman, from Conscious Finance, mentioned in our weekly Zoom group call that seeing yourself on camera is an opportunity to get to know yourself better. We get to “zoom out” and see ourselves from a different perspective. But this isn’t the niftiest bit.

Many feel that they have had enough of Zoom. That there is too much screen time. That they miss human interaction. I miss human interaction too, but as an introvert I still love meeting online. Plus, I do my best work with my clients when we meet over Zoom.

What if I were to say that connecting with someone via camera is amplifying the effect of your presence? What if the love we send, how we show up, the support we offer, is increased?

Lynne McTaggart talks about the power of groups of 8 and how meditating in groups is very powerful and impactful. In our call we had been discussing how sending healing and love to someone over the ether may be felt and received.

This may be too out there for some of you, but we did a little experiment there and then. Instead of meditating as a group, we decided to send love and healing to a specific individual in the group. It was received and felt by them in different ways.

That’s when the thought surfaced – what if the love we send, how we show up, the support we offer, is doubled when we’re meeting someone on camera? When I send love and healing to someone, it is beaming from me sitting on my chair in front of the screen, but I am simultaneously beaming at the person on screen.

I’ve been part of distant healing sessions in the past off camera, but never thought about the effect on camera.

Too out there? What do you reckon? Is there something to this?

PS! The weekly group I mentioned above came together through the work of Sarah McCrum. Some of you may be interested in what she has to offer. Sarah is on a mission to expand consciousness, heal relationships around money (discover your money score), and to bring health and wellbeing into the economy in a way that benefits us all.

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