I look back and see what I used to do and I recognise how far I have come.

It is very easy to forget to give ourselves credit. To reconnect with the motivation of getting going again when we feel stuck, recognition is required.

Our values are central to who we are. Our purpose is central to why we do what we do. Together they can be exceedingly powerful, but with one missing the other can not truly flourish.

For me, the missing piece was my values.

I used to make myself small and pretend that what really mattered to me wasn’t as important as what other people thought mattered.

I was so busy listening to others and conforming to their ideas and expectations that I forgot to listen to myself.

Over time, my soul went to sleep. I had no idea what was important to me, my deeper motivation, and how to find it.

I allowed others to lead me instead of being the leader in my own life.

I waited to hear others’ decisions before making mine.

It felt like I was always one step behind, I was re-active instead of pro-active.

Back then, I was unaware of my behaviour. And as shocking as it may sound, I didn’t recognise that I had a choice.

A few things happened that helped me to see my habit of following others. I was terrified at first, but after some soul searching and listening to a deeper part of myself, I made the decision to put myself first. And in the process of exploring what was important, what deeply motivated me, my soul woke up.

Embodying and living by my values made me realise that there were some relationships and situations that were not in alignment with what was important to me. The only way forward was to change the dynamic by coming from my values, i.e. what is important to me.

I made changes to how I showed up and how I presented myself to the world.

My life changed exponentially.

Yours can too.

Allow me to join you on your journey to discover your soul’s values.

💫  Imagine listening to your soul’s calling.

Imagine a world in which you feel empowered to use your spiritual growth as your compass and where your purpose, your business, and your life are guided by your soul.

I know the above to be possible and this is why I’m sharing these posts and articles with you.

My wish for you is that you identify a path along which you can combine linearity and logic with soulfulness and spiritual freedom so that you can be who you truly are at this stage in your life, thereby uplevelling your contribution and impact in business and in life.

Who is Maria?
Maria is a guide for Soulful Leaders. Her skill lies in inspiring, empowering, and uplifting values-led individuals who are tired of keeping their natural gifts separate, who want to uplevel their contribution and impact by consciously combining logic, soulfulness, and spiritual freedom in business and in life.