In my experience, the antithesis to #SpiritualFreedom is fear of believing in oneself, fear of being oneself, fear of standing up to and for oneself.

Back in 2005, instinct and deeper inspiration led me to move back to the UK. For some time, my life had felt uninspiring, unfulfilling, on autopilot, and I had felt stuck “in story”. A question I asked myself repeatedly was, “Surely, this can’t be all there is…?”

New in a town where I knew nobody, I had the space to reflect. I reflected on my experiences over the past year and a half, and especially how—once I decided to leave Sweden and return to the UK—everything came together effortlessly. Even though a move between countries was in the mix.

Looking into my motivation for moving back to the UK, I made interesting discoveries.

I had always considered myself a free spirit, yet it dawned on me that I didn’t feel like I had spiritual freedom. At the time, I didn’t have the awareness or language to understand it in this way. The best description I could come up with was that I felt ‘boxed in’, bored, and unfulfilled.

I was guided to step into a conscious self-discovery mode that has lasted to this day.

At first, I approached the move back to the UK as a way to add new aspects to my life; new learning, new friends, a new location. My focus was on changing the external, on expanding my perspective, to lean beyond what I was used to.

The expanded perspective was great. I felt a lot freer, agile, alive, inspired, and energised. However, soon enough, I felt nudged to fine-tune and be more deliberate in my focus—to turn inward.

I recognised that just changing the external wouldn’t fix “it”.

Only changing my external circumstances would never be enough. I needed to look at my attitude and how I experienced the world, how I expressed myself in the world, and how I ultimately could create and live with more awareness.

If you keep asking yourself the question, “Surely, this can’t be all there is…?”, reach out for a chat.

Who is Maria?
Maria is a guide for Soulful Leaders. Her skill lies in inspiring, empowering, and uplifting values-led individuals who are tired of keeping their natural gifts separate, who want to uplevel their contribution and impact by consciously combining logic, soulfulness, and spiritual freedom in business and in life.