Earlier this year, 10 wonderful souls said yes to be test pilots and to help me test my new card deck. Thanks to their help, encouragement, and support I now present the final product, the 1st edition of the SOULFULLY YOU® card deck. Yay!

This deck is a tool for individuals, coaches, and trainers in corporate focusing on well-being and self-leadership.

These cards provide topics for conversation and exploration. They are a great tool for those who wish to increase their awareness and (re)discover their connection to their inner guidance as it helps you discover, own, embody, and live your truth.

Sharing this deck with you and the wider world is exciting but also a bit scary as it means that I am stepping out from the shadows, that I am sharing a part of my body of work on a bigger stage.

Getting the card deck out into the world means stepping up and taking ownership of what I believe in.

So, what do I believe in?

I believe in a world in which we feel inspired, empowered, and uplifted to be soulful leaders.

A world in which our soulful side (you may be calling it spiritual, intuitive, or woo-woo) is accepted and appreciated, where our impact and legacy are built from us showing up fully in alignment with who we truly are.

My belief has been fuelled and formed from observing and experiencing bias towards hard facts, logic, and linearity most of my life. That facts, logic, and linearity are the preferred and sometimes only currencies, excluding heart and gut from the equation.

20 years into my corporate career I felt like something was missing. I felt held back in some way. It felt like I only lived half a life. I don’t want others to have the same experience I did, so this card deck is part of my mission to provide tools, techniques, and practices that help to create a world in which our soulful side is appreciated. A world in which we celebrate soulful leadership in business and where we can live full and soulful lives.

If you’ve known me for a while you know that I get my inspiration and cues for taking action from inner guidance and that this is how I operate in my business and life in general.

This card deck has been born from listening to my soul and by listening to inner guidance. Designing and developing it has been a remarkable experience. I’ll be honest with you, when I started creating my own material in 2016, I didn’t think that I would ever create physical products as part of my work in the world. But here we are!

I am very proud of how this deck has turned out and now you get a chance to experience it. If you want a tool that helps you rediscover your truth, then this deck is for you.

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I’ll be following up with other posts where I’ll share more about the deck, my journey, and offer examples for how you can use it.

Until next time!

Soulfully yours,