The purpose of the cards is to help you explore what is true for you. And if you are a coach or trainer, help your clients explore what is true for them. You can therefore easily use this deck in business, in leadership, and in life.

The deck provides a pathway to (re)discovering, developing, and strengthening the connection to your inner guidance. Working with the cards leads you to clarity, insights, and additional perspectives.

You can use the cards for a situation that affects you personally, a business or a work situation, or to explore how you are showing up as a soulful leader.

The cards are a tool for guidance and reflection. Working with the prompts on each card helps you build confidence and courage for making aligned changes. Changes that strengthen your connection to your soulful side and how you show up as a soulful leader.

Some of you will have used card decks before, such as tarot cards, angel cards, or other divination decks. This deck is no different in that you can use it to get an additional perspective on, and guidance for, a situation or circumstance.

What is different is that the cards aren’t just showing you the underlying current of the query or situation, they also offer you prompts for reflection, discovery, and a connection to your inner guidance that will offer you a path to soulful living, leadership, and livelihood.

If you are not used to using card decks or laying different types of spreads, I’m including a card in the deck with IDEAS FOR SPREADS.

Towards the bottom of the SOULFULLY YOU® resources page, I’m including a few short videos for some of the different spreads mentioned as part of the deck.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. And, if you are curious about the deck but you don’t have your own copy yet, you can place an order here

Until next time!

Soulfully yours,