When I woke up yesterday, Christmas Day, I felt inspired to create a custom spread for the SOULFULLY YOU® cards.

The inspiration to create a spread took me by surprise, but I listened to the nudge (inner guidance) as I know that something good will come from it.

The approach of listening to inner guidance is part of my commitment to this card deck and everything that is created as a result of it.

By listening to the nudge, I knew that this first custom spread wanted to contain 5 cards, and I kept getting the word ‘waterfall’ so as to indicate flow.


A warm welcome to SOULFULLY YOU®’s first-ever custom spread: SOULFUL FLOW.

If you want to try the new spread, click this link to get to the SOULFULLY YOU® resources page.

It’s a fun way to prepare for the new year. 


PS! If you don’t have a copy of the SOULFULLY YOU® deck, you can order a copy here.