About Maria

Mentor | Guide | Sensing Partner

About Maria

Mentor | Guide | Sensing Partner

Drawing on 30+ years of corporate experience and my own journey, I facilitate inner transformation for curious and open-minded women who want to ‘up’ or ‘deepen’ their game.

Women who are yearning for greater inner and outer freedom, who are seeking wholeness, a deeper connection. Women who’ve made a habit of allowing their brain to run the show, who tend to follow external cues instead of their own inner cues, yet they have a strong conscious or unconscious ‘knowing’.

I adore quirkiness.

I’m deeply motivated by personal evolution and growth – my own as well as what’s possible for my clients.

Curiosity, transparency, and clarity makes my heart sing.

People have told me that I’ve got an unwavering determination to find the truth, and that I do so with a healthy dose of humour. Integrity and leading by example is important to me.

I take what I do seriously, but I don’t take myself too seriously. Which is to say that I laugh a lot and appreciate the quirkiness apparent in everyday situations. I invite my clients to show up in a similar way, curious and determined, leading by example.

I feel blessed to hold space for my clients to question, explore, look at, listen for (and sometimes laugh at) what is present for them in this moment. All so they can grow and evolve beyond what is seemingly holding them back from doing or being what they want to do and be – stopping them from experiencing a life of wholeness and freedom.

The core…

…of my work, my career if you like, is to inspire and awaken.

To clarify, simplify, and add perspective, whether that’s in the corporate arena or by supporting individuals as a mentor, guide, coach, or sensing partner.

Maria Baeck
The Soul Leadership Guide

More specifically, I feel called to work with…

…women in business who lead by example, who seem to have all the external stuff in place but who lack a sense of fulfilment. Women who are yearning to add a deeper connection to their everyday lives, including their professional lives. Women who accept that magic exists. Who feel ‘unfree’, like they’ve outgrown themselves, and who want to find their truth, their version of who they are at this stage in their lives.

We are always part of someone else’s experience.


When I started out many years ago…

Knowing what I was missing when I started out many years ago, I make sure I provide a space where thoughts, ideas, and perspectives can be stretched, discussed, and explored.

This means opening and holding a safe space for nourishing conversations that offer a path to courage, confidence, clarity, choice, and connection, as well as time for reflection. I honour ‘seekers’ and ‘finders’ (being one myself) and I always include a spiritual perspective as it offers a path that takes things to a new level.

My Expertise

I’ve invested in exploring new perspectives and practicing skills for expanding horizons for as long as I can remember. I seem to have an uncanny way of connecting with what isn’t said – with what is present around and within us that we may not have words for yet. These can be thoughts, perspectives, feelings, and ideas that have not yet entered our awareness or consciousness. I do this by listening with my whole being. The process is deep, reflective, and energetically immersive.

Since 2005, I’ve developed specific techniques and practices that have transformed my experience of life. I’ve found ways to fulfilment, full expression, freedom, and wholeness that reach way beyond the standard model of today’s world.

Take a break.

Connect with inspiration from everyday events.

Soul Leadership

The statement that we’re all leaders regardless of position, lifestyle, or creed, rings deeply true for me. It’s a simple reminder that we’re responsible for our thoughts, actions, and reactions. Something that I refer to as ‘Soul Leadership’.​

In my corporate roles, working with companies in the high-tech electronics industry such as Integrated Systems Scandinavia (ISS Group), ASSET InterTech, Toshiba Electronics, and Arrow Electronics, I’ve had success in sales operations, business administration, and leadership roles spanning continents and cultures. Being engaged in a very ‘left brain’ and ‘linear’ environment throughout my corporate life, I’ve learned to appreciate that what I see around me – the external factors – don’t determine my experience nearly as much as the internal ones do. Meaning, attitude, and inner awareness are what hold the keys to true leadership and to my personal sense of fulfilment, empowerment, and freedom.​

I continue to hone and refine my gifts and abilities every day. As I do so, I keep gaining deeper insights into the role of perspectives, awareness, and consciousness in our lives.​

As is the case for most people who’ve led interesting lives, there’s more to my story. Read more about my story here.


Co-founder of Sourcing The Way

Sourcing The Way was founded in 2013. It is a consultancy based in the United Kingdom and the United States. We work with visionary leaders – innovators and early adopters – who desire a deeper fulfilment.

Our clients want to experience joy, flow, and a sense of spiritual connection in their work – they want their work to matter.

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