30+ Years

Corporate Experience.

17+ Years

Personal & Spiritual Development.

Why I do what I do.

Knowing what I was missing when I started out many years ago, I make sure I provide a space where thoughts, ideas, and perspectives can be stretched, discussed, and explored.

A space for conversation and exploration that offers a path to courage, confidence, clarity, choice, and connection, as well as a grounded soulful perspective for taking things to a new level.

Since 2005, I’ve developed non-linear techniques and practices that have transformed my life and deeply impacted the people that I work with.

One of my gifts or talents, if you will, is that I can easily connect with what is present around and within you that you may not have words for yet. These can be thoughts, perspectives, feelings, and ideas that you are not yet aware of.

I do this by listening with my whole being. The process is deep, reflective, and energetically immersive. I call this embodied listening.

Corporate cross-over.

In my corporate roles, working with companies in the high-tech electronics industry such as Integrated Systems Scandinavia (ISS Group), ASSET InterTech, Toshiba Electronics, and Arrow Electronics, I’ve accumulated more than three decades worth of knowledge and experience from areas such as sales and marketing, finance and accounting, business operations and administration, and leadership spanning continents and cultures.

Having been engaged in a very ‘left brain’ and ‘linear’ environment throughout my corporate life, I’ve learned to appreciate that what I see around me – the external factors – don’t determine my experience nearly as much as the internal ones do. Meaning, attitude, and awareness are what hold the keys to true leadership and to my personal sense of fulfilment, empowerment, and freedom.​

As is the case for everyone, there’s more to me than what you see on this page. If you want to read more about my story and my approach, click the buttons below.

How my practice of ‘sourcing the way’ can help you.

To ‘source the way’ means to listen to inner guidance and not only follow intellect and lived experience. Sourcing the way is my daily practice and the cornerstone of my business and the work I do, it is also the name of my company.

Using my practice of sourcing the way, I hold a safe space for my clients to explore what inner guidance and being a soulful leader look like for them.

Combining my corporate experience with my practice of sourcing the way, I help my clients define what showing up fully, owning their gifts, and embodying their values in business and in life, look like for them.

I help service-based female business owners who feel like they are holding themselves back from showing up fully (whatever that might mean to them). Women who feel like they are out of alignment with who they truly are.

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Fika for Your Soul is about connecting with inspiration from everyday situations and conversations. It’s about discovery, reflection, leaning into, and stretching beyond…how we may see, understand, and express freedom, soul, inner wisdom, and leadership, all in the context of our daily lives.

‘Fika’ (pronounced ‘feeka’) is Swedish and means taking a [coffee/tea] break.