Grounded, logical, and process-driven.

Soulful, intuitive, and values-led.

Grounded, logical, and process-driven.

Soulful, intuitive, and values-led.

“I’ve found that what makes me tick, my “sweet spot”, is the intersection of Values-led Business, Holistic Systems Thinking, and Conscious Self~Leadership. All important parts of soulful living and leadership.”

– Maria Baeck



A Values-led Business serves as a beacon of integrity, demonstrating how businesses can thrive by prioritising what they believe in.

I am deeply passionate about values-led business because it represents alignment with our heart and soul. For me, it isn’t just about creating a profitable business; it’s about embedding our core values into every facet of our business, ensuring that every decision, interaction, and strategy not only advances our objectives but also aligns with our deepest convictions.

Holistic Systems


Holistic Systems Thinking offers a framework that honours and appreciates the intersection of professional ambitions and the well-being of the world around us.

Holistic Systems Thinking is the lens through which I view the interconnectedness of our actions, decisions, reactions, and their impact on the world around us. It’s about understanding that every choice we make in our business and life is part of a larger, dynamic system, influencing and being influenced by countless other elements.



Conscious Self~Leadership empowers us to lead with authenticity and make choices that are deeply aligned with our values and vision.

It’s a transformative practice that encourages us to live and lead in a conscious, intentional, and fulfilling way. My commitment to Conscious Self~Leadership stems from the belief that leadership begins within. It’s about cultivating a deep connection with our inner wisdom, allowing it to guide our actions, decisions, and interactions with others.


Supporting and guiding individuals, I help you discover what it means to be SOULFULLY YOU, and design and develop what SOULFUL LIVING and SOULFUL LIVELIHOOD could look like for you.

There is no one-size-fits-all. Through active listening, mirroring, intuition, and insightful questions, I help you connect with what you really want and what’s truly important to you in your work and your personal life. I create a safe environment in which you can begin to trust your inner guidance and find your own answers and path forward.

In my own life, I am committed to following inner guidance (intuition) in everything that I do and in all the decisions that I make. And I use the same principles in business.

I love exploration and discovery, and as an open introvert I really enjoy 1:1 conversations. By using my body and my being as an instrument to feel when something is “right” or aligned, I easily identify next steps or decisions.

Zoom is my preferred meeting place.

Why I do what I do.

As a teenager I was aware that I seemed to ask the right questions, and somehow I knew what to say in response to a friend’s question or problem. I couldn’t explain why or how I knew, I just did.

Some call that intuition. Back then I didn’t have a name for it, now I think of it as inner wisdom and guidance.

20 years into my corporate career, I’d lost touch with my inner guidance. There seemed to only be room for hard facts, logic, and linearity. That those were the only currencies. Work was no longer as fun and fulfilling as it used to be. I felt disconnected, that something was missing. It was around this time that I realised that my soul had gone silent. Thanks to a series of events, one involving moving countries, I started to become aware of my inner guidance and wisdom once again.

Discovering that my soul had gone silent is the reason I do what I do. I provide a safe space in which you can re-awaken and re-connect with your inner guidance and realign with who you truly are. A space where there is room to truly listen for the answer, whether it comes from lived experience, inner wisdom and guidance, or a bit of both.

I believe that…

Inner Guidance makes taking action easier.

Expanded Perspective shows you what’s possible.

Alignment guides you to desired outcomes.

Soul Freedom helps you explore your truth.

The distance you can lead other people is the distance you have traveled yourself.

~ Laroques des Alberes

Maria’s genius is her ability to hold a space of genuine non judgement which allows her clients to be brave. She asks the most insightful questions, helping them to realise who they truly are, what they really want, and what’s truly important to them.

Maria is an extraordinary person to work with. I hesitate to call her a ‘coach’ because she is so much more than that: a coach, a mentor, a wise and intuitive guide and a wonderful presence. I thoroughly recommend working with her.

Sara Price


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