Discover Your Brilliance

Add a dimension to what you know to be your genius.

Describing one’s own brilliance can be a challenging thing as we’re not taught to think about ourselves as brilliant beings, rather the brilliance is valued in our doing.

It’s important to connect visible and invisible dots around how we see ourselves and what may be emerging for us at the present time. In my experience, knowing our brilliance and what brings us inspiration and joy, helps to inform how we take what is present and what is being born, forward.

If you answer yes to either of these questions,
Discover Your Brilliance could be for you.

Have you lost touch with YOU?

Are you yearning for a deeper connection?

Is it time for an energetic make-over?

In our Discover Your Brilliance conversation, I will ask you to talk about brilliance, how you would describe what it is and what you think yours is. What your passion is, and what brings you inspiration and joy. What I’m looking for when I ask these questions is hearing how you describe what lights you up, and your brilliance in light of everything you have done thus far in your life.

Why re-connecting with our brilliance is important.

Knowing your genius and where your gems are in terms of your brilliance and uniqueness, will enhance your personal and professional growth, and bring a greater and deeper experience of clarity, curiosity, and confidence in your life.

We’re all leaders, regardless of position, life style, or creed.

Leadership is closely linked to questions such as, “Am I the best I can be; am I taking responsibility for my actions and reactions?”

You will:

  • Feel inspired to up-level your service and contribution in life.
  • Create a connection with empowered soul leadership.
  • Build confidence in your innate worth and abilities.
  • Get clarity on where to place your focus.

As a Sounding Board, Guide, and Thought Partner, I help you explore and discover, and ​I reflect back what you share with me which sometimes takes us beyond the mind. My ‘specialty’ is deep reflective listening which opens space for growth.

I was intrigued to take part in the ‘Discover Your Brilliance’ conversation with Maria. Having met Maria before and heard her speak, I already had a sense of her wisdom and so looked forward to the experience. The conversation was very natural and flowing, and opened up new ways of looking at myself and my goals. Maria is an insightful listener and asked probing but not intrusive questions. I gained a lot from the conversation, particularly as it crystallised some previously unspoken wishes and motivations. The summary document is a really useful record of the things that emerged during our conversation; great to have this to refer back to. I heartily recommend speaking to Maria in order to gain the perspective and clarity required to choose the path ahead that is right for you. – Nicki Lang, www.telafilms.co.uk

What’s included:

  • We’ll have two 1:1 calls, and by the end of our time together you’ll have added a dimension to what you know to be your genius and what is deep motivation for you.
  • You’ll gain a deeper understanding for how your Being and not just your Doing is a remarkable source of insight and learning.
  • As part of a sourced conversation you are seen and heard on multiple levels (mind, heart, and soul); our conversations will create a sacred and safe space for a deeper, heartfelt, and co-reflective exploration and uncovering.
  • I’ll provide an audio recording of each call (unless otherwise agreed), so you’ll be able to listen to our conversations again to extract further wisdom and nuggets of insight.
  • After our first call, I’ll email you summary notes presenting the highlights and findings from our call. Our second call is an opportunity to review the summary notes and ask questions.
  • I’ll provide support via WhatsApp in between calls; I’ll be only a quick message away should something come up in relation to our conversation.

Package features:

  1. Two calls (1×90 minutes, 1×30 minutes)
  2. Fika for the Soul – sourced conversations & space for co-reflection
  3. An audio recording of each call
  4. Outcome summary notes
  5. WhatsApp support between calls

Maria is a wonderful coach and human being. She has a very balanced approach about working with your heart and mind, in unison. She pays attention, listens deeply and is very astute in her observations. She comes alive and stays connected with you and participates on the journey that unfolds during a conversation. Working with her, you can trust that you are on an adventure together to a better place that is aligned and right for you. ​– Haseena Latheef


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