Exploring Perspectives Sessions

Are you looking for help to explore and reflect on
your ​ideas, direction, or vision?

Is there a call to explore your inner landscape? A call to evolve? Is it time for a make-over? To update your internal operating system and the way you view yourself?

If you’re spiritually inclined and an open-minded thinker, and you enjoy exploring perspectives, then this could be for you.

As a Sounding Board, Guide, and Thought Partner, I help you explore possibilities, and ​I reflect back an expanded potential beyond the mind. My ‘specialty’ is holistic active listening which opens space for evolution and growth.

Get clarity.
​Be inspired.
Build confidence.
Feel empowered.

The key about these conversations is that we’ll be exploring your perspective and your beliefs. The aim is not to find reasons and explanations for why other people do what they do (explicitly or otherwise), it is instead exploring how you show up and react. (Having said that, if we were to find the answer to other peoples behaviour, it will be a happy extra.)

Why exploring perspectives is important.

By exploring perspectives you will enhance your professional and personal growth, and bring a greater and deeper experience of clarity, curiosity, and confidence to your life and your work. These conversations are an opportunity to “geek-out” around exploring and pushing boundaries on spiritual beliefs, consciousness, and awareness.

Personally, I find this practice to be very important as we’re all leaders (regardless of position, life style, or creed). Therefore, including the dimension of spirituality, awareness, and consciousness in our leadership will provide additional depth to questions such as, “Am I the best I can be; am I taking responsibility for my actions and reactions?”

If this sounds like the thing you’ve been looking for, I invite you to come on this journey with me!

My work is anchored in what I have named “Fika Space” – a space (virtual or in person) for inspiring, empowering, and co-reflective conversations. “Fika” is a Swedish word, pronounced ‘feeka’, which means creating space and taking a break.

I help you become aware of the subtle and what is in potential, thereby seeing things differently. Or said another way, I bridge the seen and the unseen. I love it when we can have a conversation where we include our expanded Selves. It becomes so much more powerful and interesting this way!

Maria is a wonderful, grounded, and centred person; she is full of love and has great wisdom and insights. Maria’s serenity is very reassuring because it allows me the space to fully embrace what she is saying without feeling guided or lead in any particular direction. Maria doesn’t have an agenda. Her guidance flows through me in a way that allows me the freedom to experience the Truth of her words.

When Maria and I enter into an inspired conversation I feel expansive, engaged, connected, and empowered by the flow of energy that develops between us. I find this depth of conversation very rewarding and intuitive as it enables me to ask specific questions and receive comprehensive answers about my own feelings and behaviour. I am always delighted by Maria’s gift of receiving guided answers; Maria’s insights confirm to me what I had suspected to be true about myself all along. It is through Maria and our inspired conversations that I am learning to trust my own guidance and feel confident listening to my own self. Thank you, Maria. – Anna A

What’s included:

  • Depending on which option you choose, we’ll have one or a number of 1:1 calls, and by the end of our time together you’ll have more clarity and added another perspective.
  • At times you’ll be challenged. You’ll gain a deeper understanding for how your Being and not just your Doing is a remarkable source of insight and learning.
  • We’ll engage in sourced conversations in which you are seen and heard on multiple levels (mind, heart, and soul); our conversations will create a sacred and safe space for a deeper, heartfelt, and co-reflective exploration and uncovering.
  • I’ll provide an audio recording of each call (unless otherwise agreed), so you’ll be able to listen to our conversations again to extract further wisdom and nuggets of insight.

Package features:

  1. 1:1 calls as outlined in the packages below.​
  2. Fika for the Soul – sourced conversations & space for co-reflection.
  3. An audio recording of each call.

I had been thinking a lot about time and how my life – work, family, sleep, personal time, etc. – was distributed across the 24 hours of each day, and if I could do anything to create better balance. I often felt tired and drained of energy and had a feeling that I tried to charge my batteries with the wrong energy. I wanted to find MY energy!

Maria’s ability to listen actively and ask powerful questions has given me more knowledge about myself, and I have answered the questions I brought. But what has had the biggest impact is our conversations where Maria’s spiritual knowledge and spiritual ability has given me knowledge and insights on additional and completely new levels, which I am so happy and grateful for!

I can highly recommend Maria! She is both a good coach and a good thought partner. With her empathy, humility, and active listening, I gained instant trust in Maria, which made me dare to dig deeper and find the true answers, thus I could make changes and progress in my development. – Helen F


Prices incl. VAT. ​Payment by BACS, SEPA, credit card.

Ongoing bi-weekly support

£180 / month for 2x 90-minute sessions (minimum 3 months).

Individual sessions

£96 / for 1x 90-minute session.

Package of 3x sessions

£288 / for 3x 90-minute sessions.

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for?

Schedule a 45-minute free, no obligation Curiosity Call to see if what I have to offer is a good fit for you.