Welcome to Fika Space

“Fika” is Swedish,

pronounced “feeka”.

FIKA Space: a space where souls meet.

My work is centered around what I call FIKA Space, a space for Fulfilling, Inspiring, Kinetic, and Aligned conversations.

How is fika relevant?

Modern lives are super busy, filled to the brink with complexity, diversity, and dimensionality. It’s no surprise that meditation and mindfulness is on the rise. More and more people feel the need to carve out space to breathe and to just be. And this is where fika comes in, how it’s a helpful “custom” in creating space for being.

Translated to my work, Fika Space is integral to what I do, or rather the space I tend for our conversations. The concept of Fika Space refers to a space between formal meetings, formal reviews, and even formal coaching. Whether our meetings are in person or virtual – the space that you and I create is infused with the energy of fika; a space where you can breathe, where you are seen and heard, where reflection, connection, and curiosity are core pieces for you to express your radiance and your wholeness. Where you can be – even if it’s just for a moment.

What does fika mean?

“Fika” is about creating space, about slowing down. For us Swedes, fika is an integral part of everyday life. It’s an excuse for us to meet up with friends, to spend time together, to take a break.​ ​More commonly also referred to as “to grab a fika”, or taking a coffee break at work.

From Wikipedia:

“Fika is considered a social institution in Sweden; it means having a break, most often a coffee break, with one’s colleagues, friends, date or family. The word fika can be used as both verb and a noun.

You can fika at work by taking a “coffee break”, fika with someone like a “coffee date”, or just drink a cup of coffee, tea or other non-alcoholic beverage. As such, the word has quite ambiguous connotations, but almost always includes something to eat, such as ​biscuits, cakes and even sweets, accompanied with the drink.”

I look forward to connecting with you ​for a chat and an optional cuppa!