Find Your

North Star

Do your values inspire you?

More often than not we approach values by creating a list of words to hang on the wall.

Although that’s great, it’s limiting as it keeps us in our head. It makes it another intellectual exercise. Often, not a very inspiring one.

Wouldn’t you instead have your values be a true representation of what’s in your heart, in your soul?

To have them be an empowering and inspiring experience? Your map, compass, and path?

Being in sync with your values.

Are you yearning to re-discover what you stand for at this stage in your life? That which make you tick? Your desired outcome? What deeply and truly motivates you in life?

Are you looking for clarity, simplicity, a better understanding for how to maximise living and working in alignment with what really mattes to you? Your inner, core beliefs.

Connecting with what you stand for and what makes you tick, will engage all parts of you, your whole self.

You’ll experience your values as inspiring, expansive, and adding depth. You’ll know yourself in new ways. You’ll have a better feeling for where to place your focus, and to reframe beliefs that have been holding you back.

Values that inspire…

  • Create a sense of expansion and depth.
  • Provide a sense of wholeness.
  • Nudge us to take action; to change, grow, and evolve.

If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for – read on…

The result is mind-blowing, simple, and clear.

There’s an immense power, excitement, and energy that comes from connecting your values to not only your mind, but your heart and gut as well.

Getting clear on your values is the most life-affirming and grounding thing you can do.

If values has been on your mind recently. Or thoughts about getting reconnected with what you stand for at this time in your life, schedule a complimentary 45-minute call for a chat to see how I can help.

There are two options available.

Either we meet for a VIP Focus Day in London or in Deal (10 miles north of Dover, UK), or we meet virtually over a number of weeks via Zoom.

Virtual Package

Would you prefer to work through the process over a period of time? If you feel more comfortable having some time to think and reflect, to allow things to “land”, then this option is for you.

The Virtual Package includes:

  1. 1:1 Zoom/Skype calls (60-90 min)
  2. The 4-step Soul’s Values Process
  3. The 3-dimensional Engaging Wholeness Formula
  4. Visual Your North Star Values Summary
  5. [Fi:ka] for the Soul – a deep dive with sourced conversation and space for co-reflection
  6. Audio recordings of each session
  7. Highlight summary notes

VIP Focus

Are you short on time and would like to get the results in one day? Would you enjoy time away from the office and the normal day-to-day, plus having direct access face-to-face? Then this option is for you.

The VIP Focus Day includes:

  1. A 1:1 day in person in London or in Deal
  2. The 4-step Soul’s Values Process
  3. The 3-dimensional Engaging Wholeness Formula
  4. Visual Your North Star Values Summary
  5. [Fi:ka] for the Soul – a deep dive with sourced conversation and space for co-reflection
  6. Highlight summary notes
  7. A follow-up call via Zoom

This is right for you if you want to…

  • Live with more authenticity and integrity.
  • Generate more awareness.
  • Show up fully at work and in life.
  • ‘Up your game’ personally and professionally.
  • Prioritise your own needs.
  • Change your lifestyle.
  • Reset your values.
  • Do a rebrand and/or ‘take stock’ in business.
  • Get clarity and grow confidence.

Do you want to be inspired?

Drawing on 30+ years of corporate experience and my own personal journey, I help curious and open-minded souls like you who want to connect with or reset their values, who want to find their North Star, and who want to up (or deepen) their game. Souls who want to live life in alignment with who they are, who lead by example, and who are ready to invest in change.​

I coach, guide, and mentor souls. I offer a safe space for nourishing and transformational conversations that awakens you to your soul – conversations that provide you with paths to clarity, simplicity, and what’s important to YOU.​

A big fan of ‘seekers’ & ‘finders’, I include a spiritual perspective in our conversations that takes things to a new level.​

During our time together, you’ll…

  • Be seen and heard on three levels: mind, heart, and soul.
  • Gain increased awareness and presence.
  • Be empowered by a process for always staying connected.​
  • Learn how circumstances can function as a barometer for where there is alignment or misalignment with your soul’s values.​

I was living to what I thought my Values were: Trust, Loyalty, Commitment, Service. But they weren’t serving me! They were made out of fear, from the aftermath of being left heartbroken years ago. As a result, I had a false belief that the more you give in service, the more wealth you generate, when in fact I was giving away too much and burning out. Plus that thing about loyalty was actually making me a bit of a doormat!

Maria teased out, through brilliant questioning…and lots of Swedish chill out reflective vibe/ listening, that my actual values are Exploration, Gnosis, Leadership, Vision, Freedom & Growth. (underpinned by daily disciplined actions that lead to moments of brilliance, appreciation, flow.)

I highly recommend Maria to draw out and reflect back your highest values. Knowing my values makes me fearless, attractive, and confident in every decision I take because I’ve tested it against my values set. This values work has totally changed my life! Really empowered me to negotiate a relocation, to increase my prices to new clients by 25%, plus I’ve been clear cut with family about my new working day. There’s no going back and quite simply I now feel very alive!

–Frea O’Brien, The Prosperity Map

Maria’s approach to values had been recommended to me. I hadn’t really dived into what my values were in business since I started 5 years ago. I knew I had changed, and my business had changed. To take my business to the next level, I felt that values was a key part that I wanted to pay attention to.

The biggest breakthrough from doing this work together with Maria is that I have added assurance that I can bring as much of me and my essence to my work as I like, and that feels so good and authentic and exciting.

​The outcome from working with Maria also helped me with my branding. I feel much more certain about who I am, and why I do what I do, and I have more clarity around how potential clients see me.

– Moira Ni Ghallachoir

As a leader in my field, Maria helped me to tap into my own profound potential as I transitioned and found the core values that are being reflected in my life now.  I am grateful to her gentle and powerful energy in guiding me through this process.

– Usha Chudasama, MNLPt, BA(Hons)EdQTS

Maria is able to hold different perspectives and energies in the same space, without losing her center, or pushing you away from yours.

​​– Haseena Latheef