The starting point: Discovering where you’re at..

Living your freedom is about appreciating and celebrating the courage and curiosity involved in self-discovery and in creating change.

The ‘Mapping Your Freedom’ Assessment has been created for those curious souls who are ready to engage in self-discovery and soul leadership. By taking the assessment, you will open up a path that leads your soul to freedom. With this knowledge and awareness, you’ll be well poised to take steps towards greater freedom.

This report is a really cool way of seeing and getting to know myself!
​– Clare Chapman

The Mapping
Your Freedom Assessment

A gateway to greater
​inner and outer freedom

Created for curious souls who are pursuing self-understanding and self-leadership.
  • It’s aimed at those who want to lead by example, who are seeking freedom and wholeness, and who believe that the solution lies in changing themselves rather than trying to change others.
  • It points you to where you’re at now, and which of your strengths you can draw upon to achieve greater freedom.
  • It helps you to look at things as an observer, thereby giving you a greater perspective and an opportunity to see connections, draw conclusions, and gain insights that were previously unseen or out of your awareness.
  • It reflects your whole being (your wholeness), and offers a different perspective to your perceived sense of inner and outer freedom.
  • It’s a celebration of YOU. Which leads me to one of the reasons this assessment has been created – to help increase awareness. Making the birds-eye report available for free is a step in that direction.
We hope that you find the process enjoyable and the results enlightening and inspiring.
The pathway to inner & outer freedom involves being clear about how we show up at work and in life. It means – having access to that which makes us tick. To know what our innate gifts and abilities are. To have a fulfilling framework that supports our growth, evolution, and explorations in life.
It’s about appreciating the courage involved in self-discovery and in creating change. It’s about looking at our inner and outer landscape with the eyes of appreciation instead of only noticing what ‘isn’t’, or what ‘isn’t working’. It’s about helping you see your brilliance, uniqueness, and beauty.
The Mapping Your Freedom assessment isn’t about pinning down your personality. Instead, it offers you a different perspective on your perceived sense of inner & outer freedom.