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A Deep Dive by the Sea

With clarity, nothing is impossible.

Combining clarity with what’s true for you creates a foundation for connection, confidence, and fulfilment.

‘A Deep Dive by the Sea’ offers space for you to pause, to take stock.

To reflect, reconnect, and realign.

It’s an opportunity to have a deeper conversation about what living and leading in alignment with YOUR truth looks like for you. To define and design a soulful and fulfilling lifestyle and livelihood.

Come and visit me in my hometown of Deal, Kent (10 miles north of Dover). Jump on the high-speed train at London St. Pancras and arrive in Deal 90 minutes later. 

To prepare for our time together, we’ll have a call to create a bespoke plan that is tailored to your needs—what is calling you right now.

We can kick off with breakfast or brunch at my favourite place in town, then spend the rest of our time together (approx 5-6 hours) exploring and developing what you are bringing to the day.


You’ll come away with clarity, a greater sense of alignment, and a map for living and leading soulfully in business and in life.

People who have done deep dives with me have:

– Gained deeper clarity on their values, vision, and purpose.

– Discovered what freedom means to them and what their inner compass looks like.

– Clarified how their soul wants to be expressed in their work and role as a leader.


Additional value and benefits.

A Trusting Environment

I provide a safe and enjoyable space for discussion, exploration, and discovery that is characterised by curiosity and genuine non-judgment. The environment of the deep dive helps you to boldly explore opportunities and ideas that you might not explore in other conversations or contexts.

Collaborative Exploration

You’ll be asked inspired, soul-led, and sometimes surprising questions that get right to the heart of what’s being discussed. I then listen deeply to you (and to the energy field) without judgement, without expectation, and with complete openness, helping you to realise who you truly are, what you really want, and what’s truly important to you.

Expansion of Possibilities

A reframe of what you believe to be true. I reflect your ideas and perspective back to you at a different dimensional level, which has the potential to transform and add insights and possibilities that were not there before.

A Soulful Guide and Companion

You’ll be guided and supported in finding your own answers, identifying options and ideas for your continued self-development journey that create a more fulfilling and soulful lifestyle. My aim is to provide an environment in which you can access and learn to trust your own intuition, inner guidance, and wisdom.



Introductory price: £700 + UK VAT 20%

Includes brunch/lunch and everything else we need on the day.

Travel and accommodation is not included.


If you are looking for an opportunity to create space for YOU, to reflect, reconnect, and realign, to take a break and have a deeper conversation about what living and leading in alignment with YOUR truth looks like, A Deep Dive by the Sea is for you.

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