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Resources that help you to own, embody, and live your truth, that assist you being SOULFULLY YOU®.

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A SOULFULLY YOU® custom spread for the new year!

When I woke up yesterday, Christmas Day, I felt inspired to create a custom spread for the SOULFULLY YOU® cards. The inspiration to create a spread took me by surprise, but I listened to the nudge (inner guidance) as I know that something good will come from it. The...

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When and why to use the SOULFULLY YOU® cards.

The purpose of the cards is to help you explore what is true for you. And if you are a coach or trainer, help your clients explore what is true for them. You can therefore easily use this deck in business, in leadership, and in life. The deck provides a pathway to...

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There is a card in the deck called IDEAS FOR SPREADS (see image to the left).

Some of you will be well acquainted with laying different types of spreads, some maybe not so much.

If you are not used to laying spreads, I’ve recorded a few short videos where I lay the spreads included on the card.

To make it a bit more fun, I decided to do the spreads (readings) for humanity as a whole (the collective). 🙂

NOTE: These videos are unscripted and in the moment, so there is a lot of moving cards around and zooming in and out. Keep this in mind if you are sensitive to motion sickness.

Videos will open in new tabs.


Custom and bespoke spreads will be added here.

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