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Join a community of soulful leaders.


Balancing professional challenges with introspective moments can feel like an impossible juggling act.

Are you seeking clarity and a pause amid the ceaseless noise and busyness of daily life?

Do you feel called to mix intuition and inner guidance with logic and linearity?

Meet the SOULFULLY YOU® card deck – a compass and guide for those moments.


A dynamic tool for inspiration and reflection, the SOULFULLY YOU® card deck is designed to help you (re)connect with your truth.

It’s brilliant for personal use, as a gift, and an excellent tool for coaches as they provide great topics for conversation, exploration, and discovery.


“I found these cards inspirational, reassuring, and a really useful way of connecting with my inner guidance and intuition.” –Sara Price, Actually.

“I have used the SOULFULLY YOU® cards with my clients and it has been very helpful in helping them to explore different parts of their business journey.” –Katy Davies, Piece of Cake Coaching

“These cards are different because they encourage us to look within for the answer. A fantastic gift for a curiously-minded individual who is seeking soulfulness!” –Nicola Deverson, Financially Fit Academy


This deck doesn’t come with a booklet with predefined narratives or explanations of the individual cards. Instead, the real magic lies in YOUR interpretations, aided by your internal compass.


  • A welcome and introductory card.
  • A card with ideas for spreads.
  • Overview cards of 3 defining energies: CREATOR, CHANGEMAKER, and CATALYST – each a facet of your being.
  • An array of 36 diverse cards with guidance and prompts and an invitation to reflect.
  • A card representing the Unknown.


CARD SIZE: 85mm x 120mm


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