Are you ready to embrace what’s emerging?

My style of guidance, facilitation, and advice – my mentoring and coaching – is intuitive, non-linear, exploratory, and conversational.

It is for you if you’re curious and a seeker, if you are open to explore, and if you are ready to invest time, money, energy, and attention in YOU.

In a 1:1 setting, we’ll explore paths to clarity, choice, courage, confidence, and connection, that’ll change how you see, understand, and experience the world and your role in it – personally and professionally.

The design of the specifics will vary depending on your needs and how long we’re going to be working together.

My approach is perfect if you’re naturally reflective, if you’re looking for a new perspective, additional inspiration, greater freedom, and if you’ve got a sense that there’s more to explore – that there are parts of you that have been dormant for far too long.

Mentoring | Guidance | Maria Baeck
  • Facilitator & guide
  • Insightful questions
  • Embodied listening
  • No attachment to outcome
  • Free from judgement
  • Free from expectations
  • Safe space for exploration

Spiral to Freedom

Spiral to Freedom™

Is your mind seeking structure and logic, but deep down you know and feel drawn to a non-linear approach? Deep down, you know that the discovery and clarity that comes from allowing exploration in a non-linear way helps you grow beyond what you currently know.

In the image above, I have tried to illustrate the non-linear that I see and experience in my work, what I call the ‘Spiral to Freedom’.

Spiral to Freedom contains 6 aspects; Explore, Discover, Clarify, Co-create, Reframe, and Integrate. These 6 aspects are steps along a journey and are the bridge to get you from where you are to who you want to be. You can use any one of them as your entry point for your best next step.

If you are unsure of where to start or what’s the best next step for you, schedule a free Curiosity Call and let’s figure it out together.



You pursue truth and meaning. Guided by your core values, you see potential for a more aligned future.



You are curious, you love to learn. You are aware of a deeper way of knowing that wants to guide you forward.



You prefer to decide for yourself what seems right, but sometimes new ideas and perspectives need a second pair of eyes. 



Authenticity is important to you. You thrive in a supportive environment where there is an exchange of ideas.


A firm believer that there is not just one way to do things, you take an interest in different perspectives.


Open-minded, you continually seek a deeper understanding of life. You believe that each person must find their own path.

My approach comes with…

Soulful Guidance

My innate ability for deep reflective listening add layers to our conversations, and stretches beyond the physical realm. I help facilitate a connection between your inner and outer world. I’ll challenge your personality to connect new dots and I’ll be appealing to your Higher Self, not the quick-fix-seeking ego, to discover and uncover wisdom and next steps.

Intuitive Strategy

I’ll be applying the process of Resonance Mapping™ to your queries and inquiries to give an added perspective of where there’s most aliveness, and where you would benefit from placing your focus next. It can be done in larger spreadsheets for when there are lots of details, or it can function as a gentle overview for greater clarity in direction and next steps.

Between Sessions

I’m only an email or a text away should something come up, such as a quandary or a challenge. This applies equally to sharing experiences and inspiration, as well as insights from new learning, or just reaching out with a question that has emerged between calls.

Fika for the Soul

Modern lives are super busy, filled to the brink with complexity and diversity. I tend sacred energetic space for our conversations. This is where you can breathe, where you’re seen and heard, where you can express your radiance & your wholeness without judgment.

Not sure if this is for you, but…

You want to expand your perspective.

You have a feeling that it’s time to “up your game” professionally as well as personally.

You’ve lost your vision, and it feels like life has “plateaued out”.

You’re yearning to serve a bigger purpose, live a bigger life, and make a bigger contribution…to become an authentic and graceful leader in life.

There’s an inner yearning for change.

Schedule a free call, and let’s figure out together if this what you are looking for.