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Alignment Session

I help you bring your values to life so that you can embody them fully in your everyday life.

Alternatively, a safe space and a great option for exploring your bigger picture, and giving a voice to your inner wisdom and guidance.

Gateway to Wholeness

Is it time to revisit your values? Or, is this the first time that you explore your values? If so, then this is for you.

This 4-session Soul’s Values Journey is an opportunity for you to access your true north. It gets you clarity, helps you make decisions, and keep your focus. It makes navigating life easier.

Awaken Your Future

If your soul is aching for something “bigger”, if clarity, next steps, or stepping up related to your vision has been on your mind, this is for you.

Using intuition and embodied listening, I guide you to new insights and discoveries. I help you to uncover wisdom and what is available to you that you may not have seen yet.

Soulfully You

This journey provides strategic support and a solid foundation for your soulful leadership, in business and in life.

It assists you to discover who you are as a Soulful Leader, how to live a Soulful Life, and how to lead a Soulful Business.

It offers you an opportunity to embrace your bigger picture and your gifts, embody your values and your truth.

I have wanted to live soulfully and incorporate soulful living into every aspect of my life for some time. I knew Maria would be able to point me in the right direction. What happened was more than I ever hoped for. The results are amazing. They have given me the compass I was looking for. I’m buzzing.


– Sian Ainsworth, Certified Spiritual Practitioner & Karmic Alignment Coach

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