Alignment Session

1:1 Alignment Session

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   1x 1:1 session via Zoom (90 min)

   1x 1:1 follow-up call via Zoom (30 min)

   High-level visual of Your Map of Magic

   Audio recording



Many people explore their values with their coach. But all too often, those values end up as a list of words on the wall, and that’s that. In this session, I help you bring your values to life so that you can embody them fully in your everyday life.

This session is also a good option if you are curious about exploring your bigger picture and the inner wisdom that is ready to surface. Great for uncovering emerging business and leadership gems/insights that will enable you to live, lead, and do business in even greater alignment with who you truly are.



"Thank you so much Maria, I feel a real opening in the front of my chest following our call, like I've taken a big lung-fill of air after a period of reduced breathing. It's wonderful." – Sarah Hurrell

“Maria’s genius is her ability to hold a space of genuine non judgement which allows her clients to be brave, to explore things that they perhaps wouldn’t explore in a different conversation or context. She asks the most insightful questions and then holds space and listens – allowing her clients the experience of being genuinely listened to, helping them to realise who they truly are, what they really want, and what’s truly important to them.” – Sara Price