Spotlight Session

1:1 Taster / Tune-up Session

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   1x 1:1 session via Zoom (60 min)

   Audio recording



  • If we haven't yet worked together this is a great taster session.
  • If you have had sessions with me in the past this is a perfect option for a tune-up.

We focus on one particular thing that you wish to explore. By unpacking and reframing, you will uncover a new perspective or approach that will assist you as you move forward.

You are unique, therefore our conversation will be unique. Perfect if you are curious about making your connection with your soul more conscious, exploring your values, your bigger picture, or the inner wisdom that is ready to surface.


"Thank you so much Maria, I feel a real opening in the front of my chest following our call, like I've taken a big lung-fill of air after a period of reduced breathing. It's wonderful." – Sarah Hurrell

"I had a lot of loss in my life over a very short space of time and I wanted to get some clarity over what it was that I wanted to do next. I knew I didn't want to go backwards. I know Maria from other groups such as Consciousness of Money, and I knew her to be articulate, intuitive, and trustworthy. My biggest takeaway was to realise that spiritual beliefs and work can be aligned, that I am putting pressure on myself - no one else is - and that it is important to create space for me. As a result, I have made some life-changing decisions and will be taking time out to just stop, reflect, and rebuild. Thank you very much, Maria, for being so accommodating, for creating such a safe space, and for allowing me to be. And, for asking the right questions for me to get answers.” – Tim Andrews