“Absolutely LOVED taking the freedom quiz and am looking forward to discussing this with you!”

– Shehnaaz Latif

The MAPPING YOUR FREEDOM™ quiz offers a different perspective on freedom. It has been created for curious minds and souls who are interested in exploring their understanding of freedom.

It’s aimed at those who want to lead by example. Those who believe that the solution lies in changing themselves rather than trying to change others.

You’ll receive a Freedom Summary Report with your results, via email. Your report points you to which of your strengths you can draw upon, plus suggests your current growing edge.

It’s not about pinning down your personality. Instead, the quiz offers to take the temperature of your experience of freedom through a particular lens.

Are you at a place in life where you find yourself wanting change?

Greater freedom?

The pathway to greater freedom involves clarity around how you show up in life. It involves knowing what your innate gifts and abilities are, and appreciating the courage involved in self-discovery and in creating change.

Freedom can be found in your inner and outer landscapes:

Inner freedom includes characteristics and strengths. Your experience of freedom internally is a foundation for your personal leadership in life.

Outer freedom speaks to your experience of freedom in relation to your external world. Understanding what freedom means to you, provides you with a map and guiding principles to help you navigate life.


The quiz centers around 3 principles for greater Freedom.

Owning Your Brilliance

When you own your brilliance, you take responsibility for the stories you tell yourself and others. You’re turning lived experiences into wisdom.

It involves seeing your own brilliance, understanding what brings you joy, what you’re passionate about.

You are more confident, grounded, and expansive.

Living Your Values

You’ll experience clarity, direction, and purposefulness.

When you live in alignment with your values, your choices become simple.

You know that lasting change comes from within, that only changing the external, e.g. finding a different house, partner, hobby, job, or social scene, won’t fix it.

Showing Up Fully

When you show up fully, you are empowered to lead, to contribute, to evolve. You experience more joy and fulfilment.

You express the best version of yourself. There’s confidence to show up in relationships. 

There’s a greater experience of productivity and a stronger sense of connection.

You can take the quiz with different areas of your life in mind: Life Overall, Lifestyle Choices, Relationship Domain, Professional Development, Soul Fulfilment, or Other if your focus is elsewhere.

You can also take the quiz multiple times so as to do regular check-ins with yourself over time.

To make it easier for you to keep track of your Freedom Quiz results over time, I’ve created a FREEDOM QUIZ TRACKER.

What others are saying…

“Love the report. Got a clear takeaway on both opportunities for growth. The question to ask myself in the context of showing up fully was a great prompt.”

Sara Price


Absolutely LOVED taking the freedom quiz and am looking forward to discussing this with you!

Shehnaaz Latif

My Wellness Zone

“The Freedom Quiz is delightful and illuminating. The quiz makes surprising connections that offer both deep insight and practical suggestions for how to move forward in your life.”

Jeff Vander Clute

“That report is a really cool way of seeing and getting to know myself!”

Clare Chapman