SOULFUL potential

Is your soul aching for something “bigger”?

People who have taken this journey have used it to explore their path of truth, including but not limited to, shedding constructs, awakening soul freedom, and defining leadership and customer culture. This journey invites you to embrace your bigger picture and express your truth.

If stepping up has been on your mind lately, SOULFUL POTENTIAL is for you.

You find yourself having embarked on a journey of redefining who you are. You have realised that you no longer fit into the structures that have defined you in the past.

You feel a deep yearning to come fully into your power. To be a teacher, leader, or role model for creating change in the world, in your world.

You believe in the goodness of people, people creating change, and people speaking up. You are self directed, you bring your entrepreneurial spirit and pioneering vision to everything that you do.

I help you uncover your bigger picture.

SOULFUL POTENTIAL is an exploratory, collaborative, and non-linear journey, in which I help you reveal your bigger picture (highlights purpose and potential in one map).

Using intuition and embodied listening, I guide you to new insights and discoveries; listen for information at a deeper level; and help you uncover what is ready to surface, to be seen.

Your CORE* Constellation summary offers additional perspective and potential. Its purpose is to unlock a deeper understanding of and connection to who you want to be and your work in the world, the work that you feel called to do.

I tune into and work on the constellation summary in and between sessions. We’ll review the summary as it emerges while continuing to clarify, co-create, and develop an inspiring and exciting reframe of your bigger picture.

Towards the end of our time together we will source the best next steps to integrate what we have discovered along our journey into your day-to-day.

(*CORE = where there is Confidence, Opportunity, Relevance, and Emergence.)


This is for you if you are...

√  Values-led

√  Wanting to lead with soul

√  Called to something bigger

√  Wanting to make a difference

√  Curious about your bigger picture


It will help you to...

√ See your landscape through a different lens

√ Deepen your connection to and understanding of your bigger picture

√ Define your true north and a pathway to embodying it

√ Build a stronger connection with your deeper knowing


1:1 Package

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   3x 90-minute sessions

   1x 30-minute follow-up call

   1:1 sessions via Zoom

   A visual of your bigger picture and CORE constellation summary offering a deeper dive into additional potential

   Sourced possible next steps for better alignment

   Audio recording of each session


What others are saying…

Maria offers a kind of “soul consultancy” – this is spirituality at its best; meaningful, empowering and expanding, and simultaneously grounding, practical and applied. If you want to explore your Purpose, I cannot think of a better guide for the journey.

Rachel Anderson

Tea & Empathy

Words are not adequate to describe the value Maria has added to the work I am doing. She took the words I used to describe my ideas and vision for Conscious Finance and presented them back to me in a way which totally transformed them – and my understanding of them. Working with Maria is like starting on the ground floor with a flat image of something and then through a collaborative exploration, suddenly seeing it from a much higher dimension where the totality of the vision can emerge. Thank you Maria!

Clare Chapman

Conscious Finance

Included in all my offerings

SOULFUL Guidance

My innate ability for deep listening add layers to our conversations. I help facilitate a connection between your inner and outer world. I’ll invite you to connect new dots that help you discover and uncover your inner voice, your inner wisdom.

Intuitive Strategy

I’ll be applying Resonance Mapping™ to your queries and inquiries. It provides a way to explore which options calibrate as most alive. We can go deep or keep it high-level. Offering an expanded perspective, it is used for greater clarity around next steps.

Between Sessions

I’m only an email or a WhatsApp message away should something come up. This applies to sharing experiences and inspiration, as well as insights from new learning, or just reaching out with a question that has emerged between calls.


Modern lives are super busy, filled to the brink with complexity. I tend sacred energetic space for our conversations. This is where you can breathe, where you’re seen and heard, where you can express your radiance and wholeness, without judgment.

A quick introduction.

Hi, my name is Maria. I’m a Swedish expat with a curious mind and I am a guide.

My skill lies in inspiring, empowering, and uplifting pioneering female visionaries who want to lead from soul.

Women who have already started their midlife journey of waking up to who they truly are and who are now ready to be role models and soulful leaders in business and in life.

I believe that the most natural path forward in life is to combine linearity and logic with spirituality. To live and lead our lives and business using both.

This is why I focus on guiding values-driven and female visionaries to build confidence in their inner wisdom, to trust their deeper knowing, and to live and breathe their values. To stop hiding their soulfulness, so that they can fulfil their vision in ways that are in alignment with who they truly are.

Not sure if the above is right for you?

Schedule a call and let’s figure it out together.