A deeper look at additional keys linked to your Soulful Leader Assessment results, things that will help you strengthen, develop, and integrate your soulful leadership even further.


If you haven’t already done so, click the below link to take The Soulful Leader Assessment Quiz.


If you are interested in learning more about what you can do to strengthen, develop, and integrate your soulful leadership even further, book a 60-minute reading.



This session is for you if you would like to take further steps to grow as a soulful leader.

Our baseline and starting point is guided by your results in The Soulful Leader Quiz summary report.

We’ll add other dimensions to your assessment results. We’ll look at which phases of awakening are currently active, what you may be seeking subconsciously overall, and what you can focus on to bring more of it into your life and leadership.

If you are curious about this session but have not yet taken The Soulful Leader Assessment Quiz (pre-requisite for this session), you can take the free quiz assessment here.



√   1x 1:1 session via Zoom (60 min)

√   High-level summary of your reading

√   Audio recording


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Included in all my offerings

SOULFUL Guidance

My innate ability for deep listening add layers to our conversations. I help facilitate a connection between your inner and outer world. I’ll invite you to connect new dots that help you discover and uncover your inner voice, your inner wisdom.

Intuitive Strategy

I’ll be applying Resonance Mapping™ to your queries and inquiries. It provides a way to explore which options calibrate as most alive. We can go deep or keep it high-level. Offering an expanded perspective, it is used for greater clarity around next steps.

Between Sessions

I’m only an email or a WhatsApp message away should something come up. This applies to sharing experiences and inspiration, as well as insights from new learning, or just reaching out with a question that has emerged between calls.


Modern lives are super busy, filled to the brink with complexity. I tend sacred energetic space for our conversations. This is where you can breathe, where you’re seen and heard, where you can express your radiance and wholeness, without judgment.

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