You want to be a soulful leader, live a soulful life, run a soulful business. You are aware that you are in transition. You want long-term change and you are looking for a holistic approach.

The goal of this journey is to generate synergy, harmony, and balance in your life, and to offer strategic support that leads to a solid foundation for your soulful leadership, in business and in life.

Knowingly or unknowingly, you have started the search for a new way of being and living that feeds your soul.

You find yourself having embarked on a journey of redefining who you are. You have realised that you no longer fit into the structures that have defined you in the past.

You want to embrace your gifts, your bigger picture, your potential. Be true to your values and express your truth, be true to you. To find alignment, harmony, and balance in all areas of your life.

You feel a deep yearning to come fully into your power. To be a role model and leader for creating change in the world, in your world.

You believe in the goodness of people, people creating change, and people speaking up. You are self directed, you bring your entrepreneurial spirit and pioneering vision to everything that you do.

You don’t want just ‘one’ domain of your life to be soulful, you want there to be harmony. You want to live soulfully, lead soulfully, and run a soulful business.

When all three domains are in harmony – there’s Soulful Living, Soulful Leadership, and Soulful Business.

There’s synergy that lifts your whole life.

We have a tendency to focus on just one domain, but if other parts of your life are not in sync (for example your home life is in conflict with your work life) that drains energy. You can’t show up fully at work, you can’t be fully present, you can’t be a soulful leader because you’re not fully aligned within yourself.

When all aspects of your life are working together and are harmonised, then all the energy that went into the internal conflict, the push and pull from, “Am I fully there for my kids?, Am I fully there for my business? Am I fully there for myself?”, when all of that has worked itself out then there is an enormous amount of energy that’s available.

Harmony leads to synergy which leads to an up-levelling of your life. All the thriving indicators such as cash flow, happiness, deeper connection, healthy relationships, even free time, is more available when these three domains are in harmony.

This process integrating the three domains, is ultimately producing a life that works better, thriving, and holistic well being.


SOULFUL MASTERY is for you if...

√  You are values-led

√  You want to lead with soul

√  You are inspired by people

√  You are fuelled by empowering others

√  You are called to something bigger

√  You want to make a difference

√  You are curious about your inner wisdom

√  You are interested in soul development


This journey helps you to...

√ Deepen your connection to and understanding of your bigger picture

√ Define your true north and a pathway to embodying it

√ Build a stronger connection with your deeper knowing

√ Use your intuition more, both personally and professionally

√ Be a leader and role model that leads from soul

SOULFUL MASTERY helps you to identify who you are as a Soulful Leader, how to live a Soulful Life, and how to lead a Soulful Business.


Your circumstances are individual to you, and I want to create an experience that will be as enriching, impactful, and inspiring as possible. This is why SOULFUL MASTERY is by application only.

To let me know that you are interested in exploring if SOULFUL MASTERY is the right fit for you, fill out the form below. I’d also appreciate it if you could include a few words about why you feel drawn to embark on this journey.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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A quick introduction.

Hi, my name is Maria. I’m a Swedish expat with a curious mind and I am a guide.

My skill lies in inspiring, empowering, and uplifting pioneering female visionaries who want to lead from soul.

Women who have already started their journey of waking up to who they truly are and who are ready to be role models and soulful leaders in business and in life.

I believe that the most natural path forward to becoming and being a soulful leader is to combine linearity and logic with spirituality. To live and lead our lives and business using both. To to come from love, openness, appreciation, and non-judgment.

This is why I focus on guiding values-driven and female visionaries to build confidence in their inner wisdom, to trust their deeper knowing, and to live and breathe their values. To stop hiding their soulfulness, so that they can fulfil their vision in ways that are in alignment with who they truly are.

Included in all offerings.

SOULFUL Guidance

My innate ability for deep listening add layers to our conversations. I help facilitate a connection between your inner and outer world. I’ll invite you to connect new dots that help you discover and uncover your inner voice, your inner wisdom.

Intuitive Strategy

I’ll be applying Resonance Mapping™ to your queries and inquiries. It provides a way to explore which options calibrate as most alive. We can go deep or keep it high-level. Offering an expanded perspective, it is used for greater clarity around next steps.

Between Sessions

I’m only an email or a WhatsApp message away should something come up. This applies to sharing experiences and inspiration, as well as insights from new learning, or just reaching out with a question that has emerged between calls.


Modern lives are super busy, filled to the brink with complexity. I tend sacred energetic space for our conversations. This is where you can breathe, where you’re seen and heard, where you can express your radiance and wholeness, without judgment.

Not sure if the above is right for you?

Schedule a call and let’s figure it out together.