Values are your compass.

Are you allowing others to lead you instead of leading your own life?

For decades I held myself back from being and doing all that I wanted to be and do.

I would wait for someone else to make a decision and then make mine, instead of checking what’s important to me first. I would make myself small, and pretend that what really mattered to me wasn’t as important as what other people thought mattered.

I was totally disconnected. I had no idea what was important to me – my deeper motivation.

Does this sound familiar to you?

And the solution?

Identifying your soul’s values and living your life accordingly.

Doing so empowers you to create the space you need to take care of yourself and make wiser decisions. Being in sync with your soul’s values offers a life of clarity, simplicity, and power. You can thrive instead of merely surviving.

Your soul’s values will guide you and infuse your everyday experience with certainty, clarity, and confidence.

Your soul’s values will signal to others how you are choosing to move through life.

Allow me to join you on your journey to discover your soul’s values and the life you want to live. 

Aligning with your soul’s values will empower you to…

√ Prioritise your own needs, change your lifestyle.

√ Rediscover what deeply motivates you.

√ Show up fully at work and in life.

√ Do a rebrand in business.

√ Experience a deeper connection.

√ Get clarity and grow confidence.

√ Live your life with more coherence, authenticity, and integrity.

√ ‘Up your game’ personally and professionally.

Your Soul’s Values are Your Key to Freedom.

The Soul’s Values Process invites you to shift from lack of connection, fear of failure, and not having the courage to lead. You can shift from allowing others to cross your boundaries to enjoying a deep sense of balance and peace. As you align with your values your life comes into greater balance, doors open for you, and you experience greater freedom.

With freedom in mind, I have some questions for you…

1. Do you know what deeply motivates you?

2. If you know your values well, are you true to them? Are your habits and everyday behaviours in alignment?

If you’ve answered Yes to the above – congratulations! This is wonderful! Being clear on your values, and living your life in harmony with them supports everything else.

If you answered no, maybe, or I’m not sure to the above questions, then read on.

As a leader in my field, Maria helped me to tap into my own profound potential as I transitioned and found the core values that are being reflected in my life now.  I am grateful to her gentle and powerful energy in guiding me through this process.” – Usha Chudasama

The Soul’s Values Process Brings Your Values to Life.

All sessions build upon one another.


True wealth.

Meet more of yourself – and your deeper self – in surprising and delightful ways.

Discover what deeply motivates you, the potential within you that hasn’t come out yet, and increase the power and scope of your contributions.

Learn how to plug into your source of inspiration.

Looking at what deeply motivates you is an act of self-love and opens the door to your desired outcome.

We are guided by questions such as:

  • What deeply motivates you?
  • What’s important to you?
  • What’s your desired outcome?

SESSION 2: CLARITY (90-mins)

Deeper connection.

Explore the possible you from multiple points of view. Open the door to a more profound way of operating in the world. Be in touch with yourself daily on a deeper level.

Here we look at and take note of what’s present, we see possibilities, actions you take, what you give to others. Are you living it yourself, and is it present in the environment around you: What is your inner experience? What do you see and experience around you? What is the world pinging back to you?

Quickly know when a situations or relationships aren’t supporting what’s important to you.

We are guided by questions such as:

  • How do you know when a situation is in alignment?
  • What is your experience when you are true to your values?


What’s needed.

Show up in ways that are integral with what’s true for you – consistently – and make that a priority. Elevate your leadership and strengthen your business.

In this session we explore how you need to show up to be in alignment with your desired outcome.

Make key decisions from a clear, confident, and empowered space.

We are guided by questions such as:

  • Who do you need to be?
  • How do you live it?
  • What is your practice?

SESSION 4: WRAP-UP (30-mins)

Your toolbox.

The field that’s created when you’re willing to step into a soul’s values conversation, to lean into what’s being explored, amps up your connection to your soul’s values.

In this, the 4th and last session we’ll wrap it up by summarising your set of soul’s values into a grounded toolbox for living your life in alignment with your values each and every day.


What’s Included?

What Others are Saying…

I was living to what I thought my Values were: Trust, Loyalty, Commitment, Service. But they weren’t serving me! They were made out of fear, from the aftermath of being left heartbroken years ago. As a result, I had a false belief that the more you give in service, the more wealth you generate, when in fact I was giving away too much and burning out. Plus that thing about loyalty was actually making me a bit of a doormat!

Maria teased out, through brilliant questioning…and lots of Swedish chill out reflective vibe/ listening, that my actual values are Exploration, Gnosis, Leadership, Vision, Freedom & Growth. (underpinned by daily disciplined actions that lead to moments of brilliance, appreciation, flow.)

I highly recommend Maria to draw out and reflect back your highest values. Knowing my values makes me fearless, attractive, and confident in every decision I take because I’ve tested it against my values set. This values work has totally changed my life! Really empowered me to negotiate a relocation, to increase my prices to new clients by 25%, plus I’ve been clear cut with family about my new working day. There’s no going back and quite simply I now feel very alive!

Frea OBrien

Business Numerologist, The Prosperity Map

Maria’s approach to values had been recommended to me. I hadn’t really dived into what my values were in business since I started 5 years ago. I knew I had changed, and my business had changed. To take my business to the next level, I felt that values was a key part that I wanted to pay attention to.

The biggest breakthrough from doing this work together with Maria is that I have added assurance that I can bring as much of me and my essence to my work as I like, and that feels so good and authentic and exciting.

​The outcome from working with Maria also helped me with my branding. I feel much more certain about who I am, and why I do what I do, and I have more clarity around how potential clients see me.

Moira Ni Ghallachoir

Maria is a wonderful coach and human being. She has a very balanced approach about working with your heart and mind, in unison. She pays attention, listens deeply and is very astute in her observations. She comes alive and stays connected with you and participates on the journey that unfolds during a conversation. Working with her, you can trust that you are on an adventure together to a better place that is aligned and right for you.

This is because Maria is a facilitator of presence. She is able to hold different perspectives and energies, be it masculine and/or feminine, in the same space, without losing her center, or pushing you away from yours. Imagine what two centered beings, with diverse experiences, can bring to the table! Growth happens in positive and miraculous ways.

Haseena Latheef

Aspects included in all my packages:

Spiritual Guidance

My innate ability for deep listening add layers to our conversations. I help facilitate a connection between your inner and outer world. I’ll invite you to connect new dots that help you discover and uncover your inner voice, your inner wisdom.

Intuitive Strategy

I’ll be applying Resonance Mapping™ to your queries and inquiries. It provides a way to explore which options calibrate as most alive. We can go deep or keep it high-level. Offering an expanded perspective, it is used for greater clarity around next steps.

Support Between Sessions

I’m only an email or a WhatsApp message away should something come up. This applies to sharing experiences and inspiration, as well as insights from new learning, or just reaching out with a question that has emerged between calls.

Fika For The Soul

Modern lives are super busy, filled to the brink with complexity. I tend sacred energetic space for our conversations. This is where you can breathe, where you’re seen and heard, where you can express your radiance and wholeness, without judgment.

My Soul’s Values Journey.

Above I mention how I used to hold myself back from being and doing what I wanted to be and do. I allowed others to lead me instead of being the leader in my own life. I would wait for someone else to make a decision and then make mine, instead of checking what’s important to me first. I would make myself small, and pretend that what really mattered to me wasn’t as important as what other people thought mattered.

Although I didn’t have the language to express this at the time, it was frustrating to feel like I was living my life on the back foot, always one step behind, and always at the mercy of the world around me.

Choice has always been very important to me. Yet, back then, the idea that I could identify what deeply motivated me – my values – and live by it, didn’t exist.

When I made the decision to put my values first, my life changed exponentially. I had a set of values that helped me to operate in a new way. Within a couple of weeks things started to shift. I saw clearly how situations or relationships weren’t in alignment with what was important to me. I felt a growing desire and call to make changes to how I was showing up.

My Soul’s Values contain parameters that help me identify what in my daily experience is out of alignment, as well as who I need to be and how I can show up in support of my own values. Now I have a solid foundation that makes me feel clear, confident, and empoweredNow I have choice.

Here are my Soul’s Values:

Freedom, Evolution, Empowerment, and Leadership.

What are yours?

Still not sure if this is for you…

Schedule a call and let’s figure it out together.