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Forgiving is an Inside Game

3 Ways to stay Empowered in Business and in Life.


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Maria understands systems as well as people. During her 30+ year career in the high-tech electronics industry, she has built a successful track record in sales operations, business administration, and leadership roles spanning continents and cultures.

In her own words, what is even more important – she has ​come to learn and appreciate that it isn’t the external that creates her experience, it is instead her attitude, aptitude, and awareness that holds the key to her personal and professional fulfilment, empowerment, and freedom.

In the early 2000’s she had arrived at a point where work and life no longer felt as fulfilling as it used to. Simply put, it didn’t feel quite right. She felt disconnected from her own life, no longer vibrant and alive. A recurring thought at the time was, “Surely, this couldn’t be all there was…?”.

Since 2005, she has developed techniques and practices that has transformed her outlook. By testing, exploring, and defining ways of being creative and joyful, she has found ways to being authentic and inspired that reaches beyond the standard model of the business world – while still being in it!

Maria’s mission:

To support professionals to explore and experience a deeper connection, to trust their inner wisdom, and stop hiding parts of themselves that they think aren’t relevant or desired.

Maria beautifully wove a presentation about forgiveness from the personal to the business arena. Entitled “Forgiving is an Inside Game – 3 Ways to stay Empowered in Business & in Life”, many of us were enlightened as to how we could improve the quality of our everyday life through forgiveness. Absolute soul food.

Sharon Eden

Dare To Be You

I absolutely loved Maria’s talk about forgiveness. She is a warm and authentic speaker, and she speaks from the heart. Her talk was thought provoking and made me think deeply about many things. Maria really connects with the audience in a very engaging and friendly way. From Maria’s talk I took away some great value and insights.

Jude Hill

Sadness to Sunshine

Maria is a relaxed, warm and engaging speaker who took her curious business-focused audience by surprise with her talk on ‘forgiveness’. Maria spoke with conviction, passion and persuasion. The message of her talk was received with a new-found awareness from the group on how they could apply a truly valuable life lesson to their business and see some fantastic outcomes as a result.​

Nicola Powell

Regional Director, The Athena Network :: Kent

The distance you can lead other people
​is the distance you have traveled yourself.
​–Laroques des Alberes

Maria Baeck is a Spiritual Mentor, Soul-Leadership Guide, and Teacher. A pioneer in her field, she is the creator and steward of Spiral to Freedom™. A framework for personal and professional growth and evolution. ​

She is ​deeply motivated by personal evolution and growth – her own as well as what’s possible for her clients. Maria’s vision is to create a world in which we lead from deeper wisdom and nobody is afraid to use their sacred practices and power in their professional life.

Drawing on 30+ years of corporate experience and her own journey, Maria facilitates inner transformation for curious and open-minded women who want to ‘up’ or ‘deepen’ their game. Women who are yearning for greater inner and outer freedom, who are seeking wholeness, a deeper connection. Women who’ve made a habit of allowing their brain to run the show, who tend to follow external cues instead of their own inner cues.

Maria’s expertise is in deep reflective or active listening. She started developing and practicing these techniques in 2005, just as she was about to celebrate 20 years in the corporate world. These practices quickly became a way of life and she has spent the better part of the last 15 years incorporating them in all areas of her life.

In 2013, Maria co-founded Sourcing The Way, a consultancy working with visionary leaders and early adopters who desire a deeper fulfilment. She is a licensed coach with One of Many, an educational hub for women who feel called to do more, give more, be more, and leave a powerful legacy, and she is a certified Spiritual Practitioner and Karmic Alignment Coach with Psycademy, an organisation supporting individuals who want to be awakened leaders. Still actively engaged in the high-tech industry and the corporate world, Maria serves as an advisor to several charitable organizations, and she is a member of InClaritas.

A Swedish expatriate, Maria is based in the UK since 2005 but considers herself a global citizen.


Phone:     +44 7725 666 232