Treasures @ Work

Are you looking for a career review
to ​mine your expertise?

Do you feel you have outgrown where you’re at?

Want to revisit and explore your needs?

Is it time for a review, to mine your expertise?

As a Sounding Board, Guide, and Thought Partner, I help you mine and explore your career path. ​I then reflect back our findings, as well as possible suggestions for connecting new dots. We will draw upon your experiences throughout your career and see what patterns are there, and by the end of our time together you will have added clarity around your expertise.

We’re not used to having the space to explore these things without adding the label of ‘being selfish’ to it. It is important to connect seen and unseen dots in how we see ourselves and what may be emerging at the present time.

I will ask you questions about your career, your interests, and what brings you joy and fulfilment. What I’m looking for when I ask these questions, is hearing how you describe your expertise and brilliance in light of everything you have done thus far in your life, thereby uncovering gems and connecting new dots. In my experience, knowing our brilliance and what brings us inspiration and joy in terms of our work, helps to inform how to take what is present and what is being born, forward.

And then – if you so choose – we transfer the practical and grounded experiences to the “land of potential”. My ‘specialty’ is holistic, reflective listening. I help you become aware of the subtle & what is in potential, thereby seeing things differently. Or said another way, I bridge the seen and the unseen. Too often, we just look at what is visible, and we miss out on adding dimensions that can be found in the bigger picture.

I work 1:1 and provide a safe space for nourishing and meaningful conversations that allow for reflection and exciting exploration.

I felt a tingle down my spine as I read your words and feel really excited about where we could go. – Nicola Slade, Co-founder Virtual Angels

Why mining our Treasures @ Work is important.

Knowing your genius and where your gems are in terms of your brilliance and uniqueness, will  enhance your personal and professional growth, and bring a greater and deeper experience of clarity, curiosity, and confidence in your life. 

We’re all leaders, regardless of position, life style, or creed.
Leadership is closely linked to questions such as, “Am I the best I can be; am I taking responsibility for my actions and reactions?”

You will:

  • Feel inspired to up-level your service and contribution in your work.
  • Create a connection with empowered soul leadership.
  • Understand and see your knowledge and expertise in a new light.
  • Get clarity on where to place your focus.

What’s included:

  • We’ll have 2x 1:1 calls, and by the end of our time together you’ll have added a dimension to what you know to be your expertise and what brings you juice at work.
  • You’ll gain a deeper understanding for how your Being and not just your Doing is a remarkable source of insight and learning.
  • We’ll engage in sourced conversations in which you are seen and heard on multiple levels (mind, heart, and soul); our conversations will create a sacred and safe space for a deeper, heartfelt, and co-reflective exploration and uncovering.
  • I’ll provide an audio recording of each call (unless otherwise agreed), so you’ll be able to listen to our conversations again to extract further wisdom and nuggets of insight.
  • After our first call, I’ll email you summary notes presenting the highlights and findings from our call. Our second call is an opportunity to review the summary notes and ask questions.
  • I’ll provide WhatsApp support between calls; I’ll be only a WhatsApp message away should something come up in relation to our conversation.

Package features:

  1. Two calls (1×90 minutes, 1×30 minutes)​
  2. Fika for the Soul – sourced conversations & space for co-reflection
  3. An audio recording of each call
  4. Outcome summary notes
  5. WhatsApp support between calls


Price incl. VAT

Maria is a wonderful coach and human being. She has a very balanced approach about working with your heart and mind, in unison. She pays attention, listens deeply and is very astute in her observations. She comes alive and stays connected with you and participates on the journey that unfolds during a conversation. Working with her, you can trust that you are on an adventure together to a better place that is aligned and right for you. ​– Haseena Latheef

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