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…in a soulful way.

Each journey begins with one step.

Discover what it means to be SOULFULLY YOU, and design and develop what SOULFUL LIVING and SOULFUL LIVELIHOOD could look like for you.

Below options will help you dream, discover, design, and develop a soulful life, being a soulful leader, and experiencing a soulful livelihood.

Take the Free Soulful Leader Assessment

This quiz is for you if you want to show up in a more soulful way – in alignment with who you truly are.

The quiz report and follow-up material act as your guide. You will learn which strengths you can draw upon and where there is an opportunity for further growth.

Explore Your Soulful Leader Quiz Results

In this 60-minute reading, we will take a deeper look at your assessment results and answer your questions. This will give you a more comprehensive picture, and strengthen your soulful side and leadership even further.


This 90-minute “spa treatment for your soul” provides the opportunity to discover and develop what soulful living, leadership, and livelihood could look like for you.

Together we will listen deeply for empowering questions, and answers, based on your lived experience and inner wisdom.

A Taste of SOULFULLY YOU is ideal if you feel drawn to soulful discovery!

Soulful Circle Conversations

I am in the planning stages of creating a series of group conversations to explore topics such as inner guidance, spiritual freedom, and being a soulful role model and leader.

This will be a welcoming environment that embraces many perspectives.

Does this sound like something you would enjoy?

Are you a more seasoned soulful leader who is interested in a bespoke conversation or offering?

Reach out for a chat to see how I may be able to help you.

I have wanted to live soulfully and incorporate soulful living into every aspect of my life for some time. I knew Maria would be able to point me in the right direction. What happened was more than I ever hoped for. The results are amazing. They have given me the compass I was looking for. I’m buzzing.


– Sian Ainsworth, Certified Spiritual Practitioner & Karmic Alignment Coach

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